Mastercard problems

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Thu Dec 9 07:14:02 CST 2010

here is the audio from BBC Radio 4.

On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 1:37 AM, Paul Thornton <prt at> wrote:

> On 08/12/2010 20:42, Jack Bates wrote:
>> Of course, it's debatable if use of LOIC is enough to convict. You'd
>> have to first prove the person installed it themselves, and then you'd
>> have to prove that they knew it would be used for illegal purposes.
> Earlier this morning there were two people interviewed on the BBC radio 4
> Today program (this is considered the BBC's flagship morning news/current
> affairs show on their serious nationwide talk radio station) about this -
> one was a security consultant and another was a member of/spokesman for the
> 'operation payback' group.  One wonders why the Met Police didn't have
> someone waiting to have a quiet chat with the latter when he left the
> studio.
> Both of them said that people had been voluntarily downloading and
> installing botnet clients on their PCs in order to take part in these DDoS
> attacks.  Ignoring, for a moment, the stupidity of such action it is hard to
> see how you'd be able to argue that this was *not* going to be used for
> illegal purposes.
> The other amusing part of the interview was when the security consultant
> started off very well explaining a DDoS in layman's terms, but then veered
> off using the terms HTTP, UDP and IP in one sentence causing the presenter
> to intervene as it "was getting a tad too technical there".
> Paul.

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