Are you ready for RPKI in your BGP?

Randy Bush randy at
Thu Dec 9 06:54:36 CST 2010

> IMHO one piece missing (not the only one, but one important in this
> stage) is RTR (RPKI/Router Protocol) working in routers.

i have been running test versions on ios xr on a gsr and ios classic on
a 7200 for a while now.

> I am only aware of one big vendor with testing code.

see your sales team

> Also open-source implementations (Quagga, Xorp, Bird, etc.) are not
> actively (or at all) working in RPKI

first a nit.  i would like to differentiate the RPKI, a certificate and
routing infrastructure, from route origin validation.  this is needed
because there may be other uses of the RPKI.

seondly, i believe NIST has a quagga hacked to do origin validation
based on rpki-rtr protocol.


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