How do you do rDNS for IPv6 ?

Jay Ashworth jra at
Mon Dec 6 12:01:47 CST 2010

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> From: "Jared Mauch" <jared at>

> Anyone done this dynamic synthesis w/ bind? dnssec thoughts as well? i
> know this isn't namedroppers, but perhaps someone can post some code
> or examples, or a link to a webpage with them?

Earthlink, I believe; DENTS has a module for doing this for reverse DNS.

I think it was called DENTS; there's a white paper on it, but it's pretty
rough to Google, as you might expect.

So far as I can see, they still use it; my sis is an EL cablemodem customer,
and her rDNS is algorithmically generated.

-- jra

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