Pointer for documentation on actually delivering IPv6

Miquel van Smoorenburg mikevs at xs4all.net
Sun Dec 5 15:11:25 CST 2010

In article <xs4all.AANLkTin5aOQKLbiXfN9ELNpoDLBCDxn1E0ATi7wbU_XA at mail.gmail.com> you write:
>On Sat, Dec 4, 2010 at 19:52, Ben Jencks <ben at bjencks.net> wrote:
>> DHCPv6-PD (prefix delegation) with the relay installing static routes
>> is probably the most straightforward way.
>Apparently that has it's own problems right now actually:

Well, the problem described there is exactly the same problem that
already exists with plain IPv4 DHCP (a pity that FORCERENEW (rfc3203)
or something like it never took off).

If you use PPPoA/PPPoE/PPPoX with DHCPv6 PD, the problem described there
doesn't exist if your CPE is at least halfway intelligent .. it should
ofcourse do a new lease request (at least a renewal) after a PPP reconnect.


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