The scale of streaming video on the Internet.

Jay Ashworth jra at
Sat Dec 4 16:56:45 CST 2010

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> Level 3 is functioning not only as a transport provider for smaller
> content providers, but also as an aggregated negotiation service,
> though in this case the content provider, Netflix, is big enough to
> matter. (Some years ago, when they were DVDs by mail only, it was
> estimated that they had a bandwidth about 1/3 that of the total (US?)
> internet, just with slightly higher latency) (or significantly lower
> latency, if you were still on modems.)

A station wagon full of magtape, yes.  Henry Spencer?

I recently calculated the capacity of a 747F full of LTO-4 tapes; it's
about 8.7 exabytes.  I *think* it's within weight and balance for the

-- jra

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