Domain shut downs by Registrar?

Alan Hodgson ahodgson at
Fri Dec 3 12:50:21 CST 2010

On December 3, 2010, David Conrad <drc at> wrote:
> When folks with guns and little sense of humor show up at your door with
> a sealed court ordered warrant relating to resources you have direct
> authority over, would you tell them to talk to a retailer for that
> resource?  Oh, and don't forget VeriSign has a contract (cooperative
> agreement? whatever) involving the USG for the administration of

It doesn't take guns. Verisign will steal domains from any registrar if they 
receive a US court order. I've seem them do it based on a Nevada default 
judgement where the client didn't even know there was a legal action under 

If you want to keep your domains, don't use .com or .net.

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