wikileaks dns (was Re: Blocking International DNS)

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I guess the USG's cyberwar program does work (very dryly said).

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On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 11:29 PM, Jack Bates <jbates at> wrote:

> On 12/2/2010 11:26 PM, Randy Bush wrote:
>> so, if the site to which a dns entry points suffers a ddos, everydns
>> will no longer serve the domain.  i hope they apply this policy even
>> handedly to all sufferers of ddos.
> Given "These attacks have, and future attacks would, threaten the
> stability of the infrastructure, which enables access to
> almost 500,000 other websites." I'd say they had DOS issues with their
> nameservers. They can't be expected to let their other domains go down in
> efforts to protect a single domain.
> I'm guessing they weathered the problem somewhat, as they actually gave
> 24h notice. However, excessive loads and constant monitoring and
> protective
> measures on a free service would definitely be something a company would
> want to stop.


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