wikileaks dns (was Re: Blocking International DNS)

Ken Chase ken at
Thu Dec 2 23:52:29 CST 2010

On Fri, Dec 03, 2010 at 02:26:35PM +0900, Randy Bush said:
  >so, if the site to which a dns entry points suffers a ddos, everydns
  >will no longer serve the domain.  i hope they apply this policy even
  >handedly to all sufferers of ddos.
  >if not, as a registrar, i guess i can no longer accept registrations
  >where everydns is the ns delegatee.

Let us know if they deviate from this isometric application of policy. I'll be
happy to encourage people not to use them.

Anyone have records of what wikileaks (RR, i assume) A record was? I should
have queried my favourite open rDNS servers before they expired, assuming that
the TTL was long enough (or modified to be long by a local cache policy).

Quick, someone power up their hibernated laptop with the network unplugged and
ping wikileaks (assuming you looked at it recently before hiberation, before
it was pulled... :) Not sure that works in any windows (or other OS's for that
matter) however.

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