The scale of streaming video on the Internet.

david raistrick drais at
Thu Dec 2 16:01:27 CST 2010

On Thu, 2 Dec 2010, Antonio Querubin wrote:

>> -entire- end to end IP network, it will be significantly broken significant 
>> amounts of the time.
> Which points to the need for service providers to deploy robust multicast 
> routing.

No doubt - it also points to multicast itself needing a bit more sanity 
and flexibility for implimentation.   When you have to tune -every- 
l3 device along the path for each stream, well....

As Owen pointed out, perhaps carriers will eventually be motivated to make 
this happen in order to reduce their own bandwidth costs.  Eventually.

In the meantime, speaking with my content hat on, we stick with unicast. 

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