The scale of streaming video on the Internet.

Ken Chase ken at
Thu Dec 2 15:07:40 CST 2010

On Thu, Dec 02, 2010 at 03:57:29PM -0500, Alex Rubenstein said:
  >Transmitters and TV sets require that everyone watch what is being transmitted. People (myself included) don't like, or don't want this method anymore. I want to watch what I want, when I want to.
  >This is the new age of media. Out with the old.

want? You going to pay for it? then go ahead!

So what's the cost then - if people paid for their bandwidth instead of freeloading
off the asymetric usage patterns? ie when that 0.3% becomes 80%. Anyone analysed
this out yet? I think the cost metrics will indicate that any network with
video is going to have to setup their own distribution and caching POP mesh
(ie a CDN!) to do it anywhere near economically. 

Additionally, while you may think you want to watch what you want to watch and
that's it, it seems likely there'll be a limited amount of material available
or the caching metrics go out the window, ie if everyone is watching something
different at any one time.

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