Comcast enables 6to4 relays

Cameron Byrne cb.list6 at
Mon Aug 30 22:54:57 UTC 2010

On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 3:34 PM, Jack Bates <jbates at> wrote:
> John Jason Brzozowski wrote:
>> Hey Bill,
>> No plans for Teredo at this time.
> I'm sure, like us, you looked at what was involved and said, "eh, easier to
> just provide native v6 than deal with that mess." 6to4 is definitely a more
> friendly protocol for the network engineer.

100% agree about deploying native IPv6 being better than any
"transition mechanism".  Time spent deploying IPv6 native is time well
spent with real long term payback (ROI ...).  Any significant amount
of time spent on any transition mechanism that is not strategic to
your business, especially unmanaged off-network tunnels, will be

Better to work on the piloting a long term solution that will scale
and fits the long term reality of living in a IPv4-only + IPv6-only +
dual-stack internet.  Although i think 6to4 has hurt IPv6 adoption
more than help it, i believe comcast is doing the right thing given
the fact that many people are running 6to4 and don't even know it....
and without on-net relays, the experience leaves a lot to be desired..



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