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On Sun, Aug 29, 2010 at 12:35 AM, Adrian Chadd <adrian at>

> Guys/girls/furry-creatures-from-!Earth,
> Complaining on nanog-ml is likely to only achieve personal stress relief.
> This is something you should bring up with your vendor. Say that you'll
> move vendors if they don't start making "better" BGP implementations and
> adding the features you guys want. Make the list of "better" features
> open, public, and actively solicit alternatives. Follow up on your
> threat. This is your business bottom line after all.
> Don't just use it as a reason to get lower prices from your current
> vendor and then continue complaining when dumb crap like this occurs.
> It would be great if vendor(s) participated in a public interoperability
> test suite where researchers could test their stuff against it before
> unleashing it on the public internet. I'd love to see something public
> -and- cross institutional, -and- include access to things like CRS-level
> equipment.
> Go on, I dare you. :)

Maybe the NANOG conference committee (or whatever its called) could get a
couple of major router vendor gerbils to come to the next NANOG and talk to
this issue?


Okay, I give up.

- - ferg

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