Complain to your vendors (was Re: Did your BGP crash today?)

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Sun Aug 29 07:35:29 UTC 2010


Complaining on nanog-ml is likely to only achieve personal stress relief.

This is something you should bring up with your vendor. Say that you'll
move vendors if they don't start making "better" BGP implementations and
adding the features you guys want. Make the list of "better" features
open, public, and actively solicit alternatives. Follow up on your threat.
This is your business bottom line after all.

Don't just use it as a reason to get lower prices from your current vendor
and then continue complaining when dumb crap like this occurs.

It would be great if vendor(s) participated in a public interoperability
test suite where researchers could test their stuff against it before
unleashing it on the public internet. I'd love to see something public
-and- cross institutional, -and- include access to things like CRS-level

Go on, I dare you. :)



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