Did your BGP crash today?

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sat Aug 28 09:20:19 UTC 2010

>>> i suspect that these folk will test better next time.  i sure hope
>>> so.
>> Not sure the researcher can afford to buy a ios xr and may not have
>> access to one !
> Also testing is hard

so is cleaning up the mess when you screw up enough of the internet to
make the international press.

> Maybe we as community could build 'BGPSpec' testing suite, simply
> python (or ruby yay!) script which has been thought at least to puke
> out UPDATEs that have known to break implementations before. Test
> cases being unique files for easy contribution.

a bgp regression suite would not have caught this as it was not a
repeat.  but it sure would be useful to implementors.


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