Looking for Fiber Plant Management software

Jeff Saxe jsaxe at briworks.com
Fri Aug 27 15:39:34 UTC 2010

Good morning, NANOGers. My colleague at work wonders if anyone has  
suggestions for software to database all our fiber plant that we're  
constructing. We started out with paper, then Excel spreadsheets in a  
folder and on paper in a book, but clearly as our plant grows and we  
do more splicing this is not going to scale. We have started a MySQL  
database with a few tables, but wonder if someone has already invented  
this wheel.

What do the "big boys" use? Homegrown solutions developed in-house and  
jealously guarded? Something standard? Expensive or cheap? Free open- 
source? He'd like to see...

outside plan facilities: cables, fibers, splice points, poles; copper  
and fiber, preferably, but fiber is more important
"circuit" or "DLR" that knows what elements are involved in a circuit
GIS integration so that cables can be drawn on a map automagically
low cost, of course

Thanks in advance, everyone.

-- Jeff Saxe, Network Engineer
Blue Ridge InternetWorks, Charlottesville, VA
434-817-0707 ext. 2024  /  JSaxe at briworks.com

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