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On Aug 27, 2010, at 6:30 AM, Andrew Kirch wrote:

> On 8/27/2010 4:33 AM, Callum Finlayson wrote:
>> On Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 8:25 AM, Michael J McCafferty
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>>> For kicks, I looked at the most agonizing trip options... I chose a trip
>>> from San Diego to New York City... the worst were:
>>> 1) Tijuana to Mexico City, 16hr hour layover, then to Newark NJ and cost
>>> over $1k.
>>> 2) Tijuana to Guadalajara for an 8hr layover, then to Atlanta for a
>>> 1.5hr layover to New York LGA.
>> Made all the more agonizing when you arrive in NY and customs express
>> interest in your decission to stop over south of the border for a
>> couple of hours.
>> As others have said -- agony's a nice idea, but the real value gets
>> added when you can weight the elements according to your personal
>> preferences (and the site can then capture how people choose to weight
>> various inconveniences in order to (i) improve their own algorithms,
>> and (ii) sell on to other interested parties).
>>  C
> right and be able to crank the agony up based on a given airport (ATL... I am looking at you here)

Agony can frequently be made more specific. For example, one big problem in ATL at this time of year is thunderstorms, and these are likely to happen in the afternoon. (A late summer afternoon in North Georgia is almost certain to have some thunderstorms moving through.) So, a flight in August with a 10:00 AM change in ATL, I don't worry about. A flight with a 4:00 PM change, I assume I am likely to be late if not bumped to the next day.

There are many airports with similar time variability (LHR at 9:00 AM!), and all of this data is out there. It would be a powerful selling point if the agony index included such granularity. 


> Andrew

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