Idea's for donating/recycling server hardware [Off-Topic]

Cian Brennan cian.brennan at
Fri Aug 27 08:56:59 UTC 2010

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 04:05:33PM -0700, Wil Schultz wrote:
> I apologize for being somewhat off topic...
> I've got a fair amount of SPARC hardware (v210 through v490) and 32bit HP DL360-380 hardware that I'm looking for creative ways to dispose of or to donate.
> It seems like a waste to send it to metal scrap, if anyone has a more creative way of disposal please contact me off list. Local to San Francisco.
> *disclaimer, contributions cannot go to religious or political organizations per corp policy*
> Thanks!
It may not be as widespread in the US, but certainly over here, the average
university will have some kind of (computer|networking) society who'd generally
bite your arm off for old gear.

> -wil

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