Real ops talking to future ops

John Kristoff jtk at
Mon Aug 23 22:38:13 UTC 2010

I'm afraid this is only slightly operational and limited to a subset of
the NANOG crowd.  I apologize profusely in advance for abusing the list
as I might, but I can't think of a more suitable group of people to
approach. I think the essence of the request is in line with the spirit

As some of you know, I teach networking classes at DePaul University in
Chicago.  What has gone over extremely well in the past is when I've had
a real op come talk to the students, even if its just about what they do
on a daily basis.  If any of you are in or around the Loop in Chicago
area on a Wednesday night between September and November of this year
and wouldn't mind getting up in front a few geeky undergrads, I would be
forever grateful if you do so with my class.

I'm not asking for anything polished.  If you've presented something
recently that you think a computer science undergrad should be able to
grasp or even if just have enable, your future ops want you to tell
them about it.

...and yes, many of the other instructors they come into contact with
are focusing only on class A, B, C addressing.  So you'll be doing the
world a favor and maybe even me, by saying some things I'm not the only
one saying to them before they interview circuit.

Here's what things looked like last quarter to give you an idea of the
general topics covered:




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