end-user ipv6 deployment and concerns about privacy

Joel Jaeggli joelja at bogus.com
Sun Aug 22 07:13:59 UTC 2010

On 8/21/10 11:52 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:
>> I can remember early network printers using bootp and the assuming that
>> they could use that one ip address forever. today the printer will dhcp
>> and advertise it's availability in the same broadcast domain and may
>> well reregister it's name in dynamic dns if possible.
> Funny... I remember printers only thinking that if they were going to get
> moved, they'd also likely get unplugged and get a new address after
> the move.

rfc 951 made no provision in the protocol for the recovery of an
address. you may well get a new one but the old one is assigned forever
until someone prunes the cruft

> Owen

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