on network monitoring and security - req for monitoring tools

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Sat Aug 21 21:57:42 UTC 2010

Hi, I'm putting together a book on security*, and wanted some expert
input onto network monitoring solutions...


Nagios, Net-SNMP, ifgraph, cacti, OpenNMS... any others?

Any summaries of when one is better than the other?

Any suggestions on section 13-15?  I imagine I'll offend some of you
by not distinguishing between system and network adminsitration,
but... it's a small section right now, maybe if it grows.

I had issues with understanding MIBs and SNMP tools... specifically,
I wanted to query and graph the pf-specific MIB... any suggested places
to ask?  Do I ask on the Net-SNMP list, or is there a better place?

Also, cacti... seemed to behave differently based on whether the
target was Linux-based or BSD-based... I suppose the cacti-users is
the right place to ask, but if anyone has any suggestions, please LMK.
I hate the UI.
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