Monitoring Tools

Curtis Maurand cmaurand at
Thu Aug 19 20:36:13 UTC 2010

  On 8/19/2010 4:23 PM, Phil Regnauld wrote:
> 	<hat employer=other>
> 	While developing our own monitoring product, we've had to deal with
> 	various constraints from the customer side, for instance pharmaceutical
> 	companies where there was no way installing an agent on PLC machines would
> 	pass internal audit, without having the entire system re-validated (we're
> 	talking FDA-validated medication production here).
> 	</hat>
> 	But often, SNMPD ships with or is available as an optional base
> 	component (Windows, most UNIXes) and it's easier to convince the IT
> 	suits.  Go figure.
> 	Oh, and it avoided us having to install an agent on 1000+ servers :)
But the configuration learning curve for SNMP is very steep indeed.


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