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The last time I looked, my main issue with Zabbix was that it required (or
greatly preferred) their proprietary agent on every host.  This may have


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> Am looking for an opensource network monitoring tool with ability to
> different views for different users.
> Regards,Jacob

Just to add another opinion to the pot, I've used zabbix in several large
environments, and I like it a lot.  The developer team is decently sized,
and very responsive to requests and feedback (they operate a commercial
'support' model for the platform, so working on the system is literally
their day job - as George pointed out, this is often a problem).

Zabbix also supports distributed monitoring, which is very handy for scaling
or for monitoring multiple locations without dealing with VPNS and the like
(or if you have places you need to monitor behind NATs!).  Its major
weakness at the moment is the weak support for SNMP traps (works great in
polling mode, though), so you will want a separate simple system for
catching traps.  In my opinion, that's just fine, because
statistics/trending/basic resource alerting/etc are best kept separate from
things like "OMG one of my powersupplies is dead!!11one".

Also supports IPMI, which is nice if you have IPMI deployed.  :-)

Best Regards,
Nathan Eisenberg

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