end-user ipv6 deployment and concerns about privacy

Joakim Aronius joakim at aronius.com
Thu Aug 19 17:58:32 UTC 2010

* Joel Jaeggli (joelja at bogus.com) wrote:
> manual configuration of ip address name mappings seems like a rather low
> priority for the average home user...
> I don't expect that will be a big activity in the future either, more
> devices means less manual intervention not more.

Ok, ok, so that argument sucked. I guess I'm still stuck in the IPv4 mindset and have not yet grasped the full blessing of IPv6, zeroconf etc. etc. 

Anyway, constantly changing prefixes for home users still seem like begging for trouble. (Could be a service though, as mentioned, but on the other hand I expect a fair number of anonymity services to arise so charging for it might be tough.)


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