Lightly used IP addresses

Joe Maimon jmaimon at
Mon Aug 16 13:58:01 UTC 2010

Randy Bush wrote:
>> Yet most of the bad ideas in the past 15 years have actually come from
>> the IETF (TLA's, no end site multihoming, RA religion), some of which
>> have actually been "fixed" by the RIR's.
> no, they were fixed within the ietf.  that's my blood you are taking
> about, and i know where and by whom it was spent.
> the fracking rirs, in the name of marla and and lee, actually went to
> the ietf last month with a proposal to push address policy back to the
> ietf from the ops.  and they just did not get thomas's proposal to move
> more policy from ietf back to ops.
> randy

I would appreciate it greatly if you could elaborate a bit more, perhaps 
with some links.


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