Geolocation tools - IPv6 style

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Mon Aug 16 13:52:55 UTC 2010

On 2010-08-16 14:52, Owen DeLong wrote:
>> Thus don't forget to provide all your private details in as many places
>> as possible, the more they know about you, the better they can serve you.
> Wow... That's pretty absurd. I order stuff from Amazon/etc. from IP addresses
> all over the world to be shipped to my office or my home in California. Does
> that mean that the Geolocation things are getting confused about all of these
> IP addresses I use at random and moving them to California?
> If that's the case, no wonder Geolocation by IP is such a quagmire of
> inaccuracy.

If you where actually running a larger site then you would know that
having millions upon millions of customers returning from a certain
range of addresses and providing their details which then match up give
you a confidence factor, then just set that at factor X you locate that
address down another level etc.

Thus that one time that you go and order from some site and ship it home
won't influence it all that much, as a hundred/thousand other people
will have provided a more 'local' address to where that IP is used.

Indeed, those systems cannot be 100% accurate, so what, if you tunnel it
won't matter anyway. There are always ways around, it does work for most
cases and that is what it is good enough for.

> For once, Jeroen, I happen to agree with you, although I think you'd be
> surprised at the number of layer 4-7 people who actually don't get it.

Let alone the supposed layer <3 people...


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