Lightly used IP addresses

Owen DeLong owen at
Mon Aug 16 12:04:09 UTC 2010

> The retort you want to make is that ARIN just wouldn't do that. That's
> not the kind of people they are. Fine. So update the LRSA so it
> doesn't carefully and pervasively establish ARIN's legal right to
> behave that way.


Bill makes a reasonable point here. Is there a way to, in the next round of
LRSA mods, include something to the effect of:

Under the ARIN Policy Development Process, the board will not ratify any
policy which exclusively affects LRSA signatories in a manner inconsistent
with its effect on other resource holders.


That's probably not ideal wording, but, I hope it conveys the general idea
and I hope smarter people can find better language. It does seem to me
to be a reasonable request and consistent with the intent of the LRSA.

If you prefer that I submit this via ACSP I will do so. However, it seems to
me it could fall within the same scope as the other clarification John offered


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