Geolocation tools - IPv6 style

Harry Strongburg harry.nanog at
Mon Aug 16 06:01:01 CDT 2010

Hello NANOG, first time writing to here.

My inquiry for you is on the subject of IPv6 Geolocation tools; or 
better yet, the lack accuracy in them. My main problem comes from and other Google Geolocation required tools (Google Voice, 
being an example). I must set network.dns.disableIPv6 to true just to 
access a lot of videos on YouTube, and to access my Google voice and 
similar services. I am unsure what country it thinks I am from when I 
access via IPv6, but it sure thinks I am foreign to the US.

I understand that all Geolocation can, at most, point to the local 
routing station of that person's ISP. The current progress in the IPv6 
field of geolocation is mostly pointing at countries, not even states or 
cities unlike IPv4. Is there something majorly different about the 
ability to track IPs in v6, than there was in v4? Or are the main 
producers of this data just busy / do not see IPv6 as being profitable / 
not worth their time?

Another problem I have (which isn't really relevant to the subject, but 
if anyone has the same problem when loading via IPv6 I would be 
interested in hearing about it), would be the loading of YouTube 
content. Pages will seemingly load partially, and always be "Waiting on". loads instantly for me via IPv6, but 
not via videos. Has anyone else experenced the same problem? If I use v4 
to load YouTube, the video instantly loads. There could be heavy load 
from my broker (, but all other sites load instantly.

Thanks for your time.

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