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N. Yaakov Ziskind awacs at
Mon Aug 16 05:25:48 UTC 2010

[attribution removed, as I lost track of who said what]

> > Do you now. Unfortunately, the plain language of the LRSA does not
> > respect your belief.
> > 
> > ARIN makes only two promises about the application of existing and new
> > ARIN policies to LRSA signatories: "ARIN will take no action to reduce
> > the services provided for Included Number Resources _that are not
> > currently being utilized_ by the Legacy Applicant." (10.b) and "fee
> > shall be $100 per year until the year 2013; no increase per year
> > greater than $25." (6.b)
> > 
> > Except for those exclusions, the LRSA includes "the Policies which are
> > hereby incorporated by reference" (15.d). Those policies are "binding
> > upon Legacy Applicant immediately after they are posted on the
> > Website" (7).
> > 
> > In other words, if the ARIN board adopts a policy that legacy
> > registrants must install some of their addresses on a router on the
> > moon (or perhaps some requirement that's a little less extreme) then
> > failing to is cause for terminating the contract (14.b). Which revokes
> > the IP addresses (14.e.i).
> > 
> I think that is a rather bizarre and extreme construction of excerpts of the
> contract language. More rational construction would lead one to believe
> that the stated intent is to limit ARIN's ability to raise fees and prevent
> the revocation of legacy addresses absent a failure to pay fees.

You could think this 'bizarre', and you might be right. I read it, however,
and was convinced - at least to the point where I would advise a client
not to sign such an agreement without additional research.

Ritual disclaimer - IAAL, but not a very good one, and this isn't legal
advice, and, if you take legal advice from a stranger's internet
postings, you have bigger problems than ARIN can throw at you. :-)

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