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John Curran jcurran at
Sun Aug 15 18:29:35 UTC 2010

On Aug 15, 2010,  William Herrin wrote:
> Please: don't ask folks to take discussions of public concern to a closed forum.
> ...
> ARIN makes only two promises about the application of existing and new
> ARIN policies to LRSA signatories: "ARIN will take no action to reduce
> the services provided for Included Number Resources _that are not
> currently being utilized_ by the Legacy Applicant." 

Bill - 
 Two quick points -

 Your concern about arin-discuss is understandable (i.e. you should not 
 have to join ARIN in order to discuss a potential concern of community 
 interest that you have with the agreement).  I'll mention this to the 
 Board, and note in the meantime that the PPML mailing list often covers 
 far-ranging discussions such as these in case that becomes necessary.

 Also, your emphasis above ("_that are not currently being utilized_"),
 pointed our we need to clarify that it should include "all resources, 
 including those not currently being utilized", i.e. the phrase wasn't 
 intended to exclude *utilized* resources from "ARIN will take no action" 
 clause.  I will have that fixed on the next version of the LRSA.


John Curran
President and CEO

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