Lightly used IP addresses

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at
Sun Aug 15 03:30:37 UTC 2010

Randy Bush wrote:
>> >> John - you do not get it...
> >
> > vadim, i assure you curran gets it.  he has been around as long as you
> > and i.  the problem is that he has become a fiduciary of an organization
> > which sees its survival and growth as its principal goal, free business
> > class travel for wannabe policy wonks as secondary, and and the well-
> > being of the internet as tertiary.  they're just another itu, except the
> > clothing expenses are lower and the decision making process pretends to
> > be more open, but isn't.
> >

Question:  Why does it cost $11 million or more per year (going to some
$22 million per year after 2013) to run a couple of databases that are


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