Lightly used IP addresses

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A possible stick for ARIN could be that any AS that advertises space for B
and any network that uses that rogue AS would not receive resource
requests/changes from ARIN.  Perhaps too strong of a stick?


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On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 06:49:35PM +0000, Nathan Eisenberg said:
  >> Is this upstream going to cut that customer off and
  >> lose the revenue, just to satisfy ARIN's bleating? 
  >Isn't this a little bit like an SSL daemon?  One which refuses to process
a revocation list on the basis of the function of the certificate is
useless.  The revocation list only has authority if the agent asks for and
processes it.  Would you use this SSL daemon, knowing that it had this bug?
  >I would consider a transit provider who subverted an ARIN revocation to
be disreputable, and seek other sources of transit.

Assuming the public even found out about the situation.

For ARIN to make good on this community goodwill, they'd have to

(1) publish the disrepute of the upstream who refuses to stop announcing the
downstream's prefixes.

Im not sure what step 2+ is going to be there, but I bet ARIN would become
unpopular with (1) above amongst its customers reselling bandwidth to other
IPv4 block users.

How many large carriers on this list would immediately halt announcing a
downstream-in-good-financial-standing's prefixes just because ARIN say's

I bet most wont even answer this question to the list here - most likely
have an official policy for this situation, and if they did, it's likely not
going to be publically disclosed.

(If any are willing to disclose such publically, I'd love to hear/see the


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