Lightly used IP addresses

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Aug 15 01:23:14 UTC 2010

for the embarrassing wannabe example of the month, marla and lee [0] at
the last ietf is just such a shining example.  at the mic, they state
are from the arin ac and board, like it was their day job and they were
speaking fo rarin ploicy.  and they propose to roll back a decade of
progress getting operatonal policy the <bleep> out of the ietf.  and
they don't even understand why they got jumped or why thomas's preso was
in the opposite direction and was widely supported.

the arin ceo's response to my suggestion that this be curtailed?

> If you submit it, I will bring it to the Board for consideration.  In
> fairness, I will tell you that I'll also recommend to the that we
> continue to pay for the travel for the Advisory Council, unless and
> until there is no need for a policy development process.

or ask a grown-up who has the stomach to read the arin ppml list (i
could only stomach it so long, and pulled).  it is an embarrassment to
the internet.



[0] - sweet, well-meaning folk

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