Question of privacy with reassigned resources

Michael Dillon wavetossed at
Sat Aug 14 11:23:02 UTC 2010

> Shall I go on? Regardless of what you may think about whether those
> injured folks should be entitled to the information, the fact is that
> they are entitled to it under ARIN policy developed based on public
> consensus. Which means you injure them by denying it.

Enough with the amateur lawyering!

A minor inconvenience is NOT injury under the law.
And in fact, if the organization is failing to disclose the customer information
in order to direct all queries to their own address, where they can be
handled by technically competent people, then the judge would laugh you out
of court.

It is common practice for ISPs to redact whois entries to only include
the customer's city and state for the address. This is not fraud and
has been going on for years.

Every ISP should check their whois entries and make sure that any
entries for apartments and people's homes are redacted to say
nothing more that PRIVATE RESIDENCE.

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