Lightly used IP addresses

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I agree with you.    the context around my statement is if the downstream believed or has some validity to a claim that they are being unjustly treated or over sighted by ARIN (or others).   it wasn't about procuring blocks from a criminal,  rather when ARIN says you are no longer entitled to the blocks they assigned the downstream customer,  who believes they are.   

I'm not against ARIN,  I think they have good intentions.  I'd like to think so anyway.  

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I know of several large providers that would stop routing such "rogue" space.

Any provider that isn't prepared to deal with such a possible customer threat or problem you don't want to be associating with. They likely harbor other badness as well.

It may take some time to catch up to them but we have seen more of these rogue elements end up with people refusing to sell to them or law enforcement taking some action.

If your management does not realize they are buying from possible criminals, you get what you pay for.

I've found a number of cases where providers are actually doing mitm and stealing SIP credentials for fraud. Make sure you actually have good controls and communication for when things hit the fan....

Jared Mauch

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>> I would consider a transit provider who subverted an ARIN revocation to be disreputable, and seek other sources of transit.
> easy to say,  but the reality is you may chose not to do so due to logistical,  monetary or management/boss  reasons which trumps your constitutionally balanced nature.
>  If someone who was downstream  from this provider in a similar situation, I'd say there is a stronger propensity for them to not 'do the right thing'.   which by the way isn't a law,  so who says its right?    its a set of guide lines a group of folks put together.
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