Lightly used IP addresses

Randy Bush randy at
Fri Aug 13 20:37:49 UTC 2010

>>>  We'll work on generating these numbers to the extent
>>>  possible for the upcoming meeting; back in April, I noted 
>>>  that we had about 21% of the legacy space (by total IP 
>>>  address count) under an LRSA (6%) or RSA (15%). For now,
>>>  this is first order estimate for your second and third
>>>  questions.
>> % of space and % of holders, please
> I gave % of space in the April numbers above

i am literate, even at this hour

> the number of holders at that time was approximately 700 of estimated
> 18000

thanks.  but i meant when you report at meeting, on web site, whatever.
please report both, not just the one with the larger number.


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