Reminder: DENOG 2 Call for Participation and Papers

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Thu Aug 12 21:20:30 UTC 2010

DENOG 2 - Call for Participation and Papers

The second meeting of the German Network Operators Group (DENOG) will be
held in Frankfurt, Germany on the 4th of November 2010. We are pleased
to hereby invite applications for presentations or lightning talks to be
held at this event.

General Information
DENOG is a community for professionals within Germany who are operating,
designing or researching the Internet. It provides a technical forum
where those working on, with and for the Internet can come together to
solve problems with every aspect of their (net)work.

The meeting is designed to provide an opportunity for the exchange of
information among network operators, engineers, researchers and other
professionals close to the network community.

More information about DENOG (in German) can be found at
Information about the meeting will be published at

Meeting Countdown
What                                   When
Publication of Call for Papers         May 11th, 2010
Deadline for all submissions           September 15th, 2010
Beginning of Registration Period       End of August, 2010
Publication of final programme         End of September, 2010
Deadline for receipt of final slides   October 24th, 2010
Meeting Day                            November 4th, 2010

Topics for Presentations/Talks
The day will be divided into several sessions. The number and length of
presentations per session is not fixed, although due to time constraints
we would prefer the length of the presentations to be between 10 to 30

However proposals for longer/shorter presentations or presentations
whose subject falls outside of the topics below are also welcome; please
do not hesitate to submit them.

Lightning Talks
In addition to the topics mentioned below we will reserve slots for
lightning talks, which consist of a few slides and will not last longer
than 5 minutes. Lightning talks can be submitted until October 29th,
with the deadline for submission of the corresponding slides being
November 3rd.

Topic #1: Power Efficiency in Networks
For operators of networks and data centres of any size power efficiency
has become more important. Servers and network gear with high power
consumption are expensive because of high operating and cooling power
costs; also in many places supplying more power into the location is no
longer possible. How are you dealing with power problems in your
environment? How do you efficiently cool a rack/a room/a datacenter? Can
a migration to VoIP help you save power?

Topic #2: Social Networks, Cloud Services and Information Security
Social Networks are an essential working tool for networkers and cloud
services are also becoming increasingly popular. The security of your
information and data in these networks is a crucial aspect which we want
to discuss in this session.

Topic #3: Network Neutrality
In the US, Network Neutrality has been a subject of controversy and
debate. Is an ISP allowed to sell "Internet access" which only offers
access to a subset of the whole Internet? Is an ISP allowed to
prioritise video streams from Company A while imposing a higher delay to
video streams from Company B?
In Germany Network Neutrality is mainly an issue for mobile networks and
not extensively discussed thus far. But what kind of problems will an
upcoming debate on Network Neutrality bring to German ISPs and is there
a good way to address these problems?

Topic #4: Peering
Everything about your peering experience. Why are you doing it? How are
you doing it? Have you written any useful tools which others might find

Topic #5: ISP BOF
"All things ISP". From Network/SLA Management (for or against it), abuse
handling and log systems to data centre layout and planning (including
power and cooling), everything that is interesting to you as an ISP can
be presented or discussed within this topic.

Language of Slides and Talks
To appeal to an international audience we ask you to produce your slides
in English, but the spoken language of the presentation itself can be
either German or English.

Submission Guidelines
All submissions must have a strong technical bias and must not be solely
promotional for your employer.

Please remember that your presentations should be suitable for a target
audience of technicians from varied backgrounds, working for companies
whose sizes may vary considerably.

To submit a proposal for a presentation, we request that you provide the
following information as plain text or PDF format to
<denog-pc at>:

* the name of the presenter (and if applicable your affiliation)
* a working email address
* the name and number of the topic which will contain the presentation
* the title of the presentation
* its expected length (in minutes)
* the preferred spoken language for the presentation
* a short abstract of the presentation (not more than 200 words)

We also welcome suggestions for specific presentations which you feel
would be valuable to the DENOG community.

Please be aware that your presentation will be published on the DENOG
website after the event.

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