IPv6 Server Load Balancing - DSR

Marco Hogewoning marcoh at marcoh.net
Thu Aug 12 17:23:04 UTC 2010

Brocade basically sucks when it comes to loadbalancing IPv6, the old serveriron platform is EOL and a complete mess which offers some IPv6 support, but not much. The new ADX platform seems to be in a pre-alfa stage at the moment. So normally I would say stand clear, however we do run a (larger) usenet platform on v6 which uses DSR and that part works on the serveriron, running a pre-relase of the 11.0.0f software.

Must admit we don't do anything fancy, it's all unprotected and statically routed, ACLs are all done on the reals and on the Juniper in front of the serveriron etc. But it seems to hold, haven't heard any complains yet. But be warned this is a really specifc subset of features. For regular operations like web we still have loads and loads of issues.

Basically the other choice is F5. We are busy setting up a PoC with A10, who claim IPv6 support. Hopefully in a few weeks time they can be added to the list of potential suppliers. Other then these two I haven't come across any dedicated stuff and what's left is Linux/BSD based solutions.


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