Cost of transit and options in APAC

Franck Martin franck at
Wed Aug 11 22:07:51 UTC 2010

My feeling is that the Chinese market suffice to its own needs, now that all the major websites have their equivalent in Chinese and are more popular than the Chinese translation of US/EU based web sites.

I have heard of large data Centres being built in AP.

Google spoke at one time to do its own trans-pacific link, because it could not find anything suitable.

I guess the location of akamai caches could be telling...

I may also suspect economical models of trans-pacific fiber may be different from economical model for trans-atlantic fiber, which would explain difference in costs. I have heard of things like that, but don't have firm data.

So it is empirical data, but I think things are changing.

Understanding the landscape and the reason behind the costs may help negotiate a better deal.

Finally, have you considered peering with Australia to see if it gives you access to the AP market at better cost?

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> I think the question is more like why am I being quoted $100 A megabit
> in India for transit in India? Not why am I being charged for for the
> transport cost across the pacific.

Obviously I can't speak for the providers in question, but I'd guess that the cost for transit in AP is strongly related to the cost of long-haul transport.  Once upon a time, the majority of Internet traffic in AP countries *did* originate in the US.  Does anybody have data that this is changing?


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