Google wants your Internet to be faster

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It makes the thread very hard to follow.
> Why not?
> > Please don't top post!

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> That link is silly, and completely opposite to what they said....
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> Heh, well is seems like one of the PIRGs is joining the fray, at least
> in PA:

The NY Times article has little to nothing to do with reality and it was
bad of PennPIRG to cite that bit of twaddle.

That said, the actual, published document has some huge issues. It pays
excellent lip service to net neutrality, but it has simply HUGE
loopholes with lots of weasel words that could be used to get away with
most anything. for example, it expressly excludes and wireless network.

It is being widely interpreted as being anti-network neutrality. Whether
Google intended this is unclear. I suspect Verizon wanted exactly what
it got.
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