off-topic: historical query concerning the Internet bubble

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Sat Aug 7 17:09:31 UTC 2010

In article <E3F9273B-A257-4869-BE8A-42AB37AB43B7 at>, Patrick W. 
Gilmore <patrick at> writes
>> Keeping it in the family a little, Mike was quoted as saying this -
>>see p2:
>> Although there were two factors here as far as LINX itself was
>>concerned - growth in members as well as growth in traffic from
>>each individual member.
>Even ignore the fact this is overestimating growth, it still is
>not 12.55 times in one year.  Or even double in 100 days.

I wasn't suggesting LINX traffic was doubling every 100 days (it was 
tripling annually), simply pointing out that in 2001 Mike said that "a 
good rule of thumb during the late 1990's was that traffic doubled every 
100 days", and going into print with that shows it was an accepted meme 
at the time.
Roland Perry

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