Recommended 1Gb SFP for ~115km?

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Sat Aug 7 04:44:20 UTC 2010

Finisar can accommodate you


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On Aug 4, 2010, at 12:27 PM, Abello, Vinny wrote:
> Thanks for the input, Justin. I'm familiar with Transition Networks and have
> used their solutions in other scenarios (as well as MRV). I'm aware of the
> fiber characteristics being a major factor of the link budget and
> dispersion, etc. I am waiting on measurements from the company who is
> finishing the splicing of the fiber for us so I know what I have to work
> with.

If you're fine with 3rd party optics, FluxLight has BIDI SFP's that will reach 
up to 120km.

They show up as Cisco SFP's right in the switch/router.  I've had good luck with 

the 40 & 80km ones in the past.

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