AS0 in AS path

Kameron Gasso kameron-lists at
Fri Aug 6 21:47:36 UTC 2010

On 08/06/2010 02:15 PM, Mikhail Strizhov wrote:
> Does anybody have\had experience with BGP announces containing AS 0 in
> AS path?
> I know that AS 0 is reserved by IANA, but  still, is it possible to
> receive such announce messages?

eBGP or iBGP?  What type of device and/or software are you using to
speak BGP?

As far as I know, most devices should NOT let you set your ASN to 0 or
let you add it to the AS path.

My guess is it's probably going to be filtered by the BGP scanner, but I
don't have any gear laying around that I can play with at the moment to
confirm. :)
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