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Raymond Macharia rmacharia at
Thu Aug 5 19:51:54 UTC 2010 Built out of open source but you pay for a license fee but
not as steep as for an Allot unit. you can get the hardware or download the
software and pay for a key. Has the same functionalities that you are
looking for as an Allot box. I happen to have used both and I liked the
ETINC product. Stable and relaible.

Raymond Macharia

On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 10:19 PM, Deepak Jain <deepak at> wrote:

> ----
> >
> > I am fairly sure Squid has the concept of bandwidth pools which you can
> > apply via ACLs within the squid conf.
> > That may meet your proxy requirements but would not help with traffic
> > not being proxied.
> >
> > Squid will also allow you to define access to the inet based on ACLs
> > which can use various things to determine which policy will be applied
> > to the connection.  eg,  client src IP,  client username,  time of day,
> > regx...
> >
> > you may find it here:
> >
> >
> >
> ---
> Squid plus bandwidth management (ala dummynet or similar) could go a long
> way to addressing all of those functions.
> Deepak Jain

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