Question of privacy with reassigned resources

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On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 8:54 AM, ML <ml at> wrote:
> There's usually a 50/50 split between the HOA (Home Owners Association)
> and the individual that are our customers.  In the case of a HOA it's
> not that the HOA is reselling it's that we are contracted to service
> every member of the HOA and the HOA gives us one check for everyone.

Hi ML,

For individuals, you get significant privacy:

Home owners' associations seem like a gray area to me. You're talking
about a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to represent a
group of residences collectively. I think I'd err on the side of
listing the HOA's legal name along with the postal address at which
the HOA prefers to be contacted but I also think it would be worth
bringing up the question on the ARIN PPML. ARIN public policy is a
dynamic thing -- it changes and clarifies when good reasons are
presented and frankly I think you've hit on a good reason.

Apartment management companies, where the entity is unambiguously
for-profit, are really past the gray area. Their customers are
residential, but they themselves are a commercial entity vending
services. Their customers may be entitled to privacy but they aren't.

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