SingTel (AS7473) is only announcing ConnectPlus (AS9911) routes to Level3 (AS3356) in SJC?

Martin Barry marty at
Thu Aug 5 10:47:32 UTC 2010

$quoted_author = "Adam LaFountain" ;
> At first I wanted to say this looks like a policy move on 7473's part
> but on further investigation I'm not sure if they're punishing
> themselves or doing some very specific traffic routing possible for
> balancing purposes.

> I was inclined to believe it was related to cost, especially seeing
> the prepend for AOL (1668), but began to dimiss that as I saw two
> known _peers_ haul the traffic to the west coast as well:

Hence our confusion, too. The only thing we could come up with was some
reason (capacity, cost, etc.etc.) to prefer the Singapore to SJC path. But
then why peer at LINX with other large ASes?

> In terms of figuring it out for sure I dont think L3 will tell you
> anything as they probably don't know.  SingTel's your best bet but
> good luck with that unless you become a customer.  I'm going to vote
> backbone traffic balancing by SingTel.

We have a customer who is a customer. Ticket lodged. SingTel NOC are aware
of it but no feedback or changes, yet.


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