Recommended 1Gb SFP for ~115km?

Abello, Vinny Vinny_Abello at
Wed Aug 4 14:54:22 UTC 2010



Any pointers on real world experience on this topic would greatly be
appreciated. What are people using successfully out there as far as third
party SFP's go to hit a distance of approximately 115km? This would be for a
Catalyst 6506. Cisco's solution was a much more costly EDFA solution, but I
see plenty of vendors that make SFP's for Gigabit Ethernet that range from
115km to 150km and more. I know these are not supported by Cisco and TAC
won't troubleshoot if they are in the switch. I'm willing to work around
that should I need TAC assistance on the switch. What works well for a
single wavelength solution at this distance without having to switch to
DWDM? This circuit will have duplex fibers.






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