[c-nsp] Cisco ASR BGP within the box question

Steven.Glogger at swisscom.com Steven.Glogger at swisscom.com
Tue Aug 3 08:13:15 UTC 2010

thanks oliver, 

will try and keep you (and the list) updated.


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> just a short question (related to a quite new feature from cisco).
> with the new cisco ASR software (15.0(1)S - released some days ago) it
> able to do BGP on the same box.
> we need this feature because we use the VASI interfaces to bring and
> traffic from one VRF to another VRF and performing firewalling (ZBF).
> basically we have on the box:
> [VRF_A via vasileft1]--[VRF_B via vasiright1]
> and the box itself speaks BGP on VRF_B with some RR's:
> [ASRBox] ---- (RR) ---- [anotherbox]
> the fun part is, if you want to announce (e.g. from VRF_B
> (announced from anotherbox) to VRF_A it should be possible now with
that new
> feature.
> according to BGP I need to configure the VRF_A peer as
> client so the routes from the anotherbox get reflected via RR to
> but, it seems that the router itself needs to be tricked, since he
> that both peers are in the same route-reflector cluster ("DENIED due
> reflected from the same cluster"):
> so, does anyone knows a nice hidden command to disable this
> on a per-peer basis or so?

I'm not aware of an enhancement to set the cluster-id on a per-vrf
basis, it is currently global.. But you could turn this into an eBGP
session using local-as, for example

router bgp 65501
 address-family ipv4 vrf IABIP-
  neighbor remote-as 65502
  neighbor local-as 65503 no-prepend replace-as
 address-family ipv4 vrf IACYP-
  neighbor remote-as 65503
  neighbor local-as 65502 no-prepend replace-as

not sure if this helps..


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