Call for Papers - IEEE GLOBECOM 2010 Workshop on Web and Pervasive Security (WPS 2010, 6 - 10 December 2010, Miami, USA)

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   IEEE GLOBECOM 2010 Workshop on Web and Pervasive Security
   WPS'10 (Miami, USA, 6-10 December 2010)
   1. Introduction
   2. Topics
   3. Important dates
   4. Paper format & submission
   5. Organizing Committee
   6. History of WPS
   1. Introduction
   Web and Pervasive Environments (WPE) are emerging rapidly as an
   exciting new
   paradigm including ubiquitous, web, grid, ubiquitous and peer-to-peer
   computing to
   provide computing and communication services any time and anywhere.
   In order to realize their advantages, it requires the security services
   Applications to be suitable for WPE. If they are realized, a user will
   be able to
   remotely access and control all information and web appliances in the
   as well as at home and office, easily and conveniently use various
   services to
   enable working at home, remote education, remote diagnosis, virtual
   network gaming, and high quality VOD with no limitations on space and
   WPS2010 is a successor of the 1st International Workshop on Application
   Security service in Web and pervAsive eNvirionments (ASWAN-07,
   China, June, 2007), the 2nd International Workshop on Web and Pervasive
   Security (WPS-08, Hong Kong, March, 2008) and the 3rd International
   on Web and Pervasive Security (WPS-09, Galveston, Texas, March, 2009)
   WPS2010 workshop is intended to foster the dissemination of
   research in the area of secure WPE including security models, security
   application services and novel security applications associated with
   its utilization.
   Also, it offers the possibility to discuss protocols and protocol
   characteristics with
   those people that are using them for solving their scientific problems.
   We plan to
   publish high quality papers, which cover the various web and security
   issues and
   practical applications in WPE.
   2. Topics
   Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
   * Security web-based collaboration applications and services
   * Model for secure web services
   * Wireless sensor networks / RFID application and security for WPE
   * Intelligent multimedia security services for WPE
   * Key management and authentication in WPE
   * Network security issues and protocols in WPE
   * Access control in WPE
   * Privacy Protection in WPE
   * Cryptographic algorithms for WPE
   * Data privacy and trustiness for WPE
   * Forensics Issue for WPE
   * Privacy and anonymity for WPE
   * Security in P2P networks and Grid computing in WPE
   * Trust management in WPE
   * Commercial and industrial applications for WPE
   3. Important Dates
   Paper Submission: July 2, 2010
   Decision notification: August 13, 2010
   Camera-ready and registration due: August 31, 2010
   4. Paper format & submission
   Papers must be submitted electronically in Adobe PDF format to the
   Papers must have authors' affiliation and contact information on the
   page. Papers must be unpublished and not being considered elsewhere for
   In particular, papers submitted to WPS2010 must not be concurrently
   submitted to
   GLOBECOM in identical or modified form.
   Prospective authors are encouraged to submit an IEEE conference style
   paper up to 5 pages
   (including all text, figures, and references) through EDAS submission
   One additional page will be allowed with additional publication fee.
   An accepted paper must be registered before the registration deadline.
   An accepted paper must be presented at the workshop. Failure to
   register before the deadline will result in automatic withdrawal of
   the paper from the workshop proceedings and the program. All accepted
   and presented papers will be included in the IEEE GLOBECOM proceedings
   and IEEE digital library. GLOBECOM has the right to remove an accepted
   and registered but not presented paper from the IEEE digital library.
   5. Organizing Committee
   Workshop Co-Chairs:
   Jong Hyuk Park, Seoul National University of Technology, Korea
   Robert C. H. Hsu, Chung Hua University, Taiwan
   Mieso Denko, University of GUELPH, Canada, denko at
   International Advisory Committee
   Mohammad S. Obaidat (Monmouth University, USA)
   Laurence T. Yang (St. Francis Xavier University, Canada)
   Jianhua Ma (Hosei University, Japan)
   Jiannong Cao (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)
   Weijia Jia (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China)
   Program committee
   ⢠Alexander Lazovik (INRIA, France)
   ⢠Andrew Kusiak (The University of Iowa, USA)
   ⢠Anna Cinzia Squicciarini (Purdue University, USA)
   ⢠Antonio Coronato (ICAR-CNR, Italy)
   ⢠Apostolos N. Papadopoulos (Aristotle University, Greece)
   ⢠Avinash Srinivasan (Florida Atlantic University, USA)
   ⢠Cho-Li Wang (The University of Hong Kong, China)
   ⢠Claudio Sartori (Universita' di Bologna, Italy)
   ⢠Do van Thanh (NTNU, Norway)
   ⢠Fangguo Zhang (Sun Yat-sen University, China)
   ⢠Gianluca Moro (University of Bologna, Italy)
   ⢠Hiroshi yoshiura (University of Electro-Communications, Japan)
   ⢠Huafei Zhu (Institute for Infocomm Research, A-star, Singapore)
   ⢠Javier Garcia Villalba (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain)
   ⢠Jongsung Kim, Kyungnam University, Korea
   ⢠Jean-Henry Morin (Korea University, KOREA)
   ⢠Jean-Marc Seigneur (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
   ⢠Jian Yang (Macquarie University, Australia)
   ⢠Katsaros Dimitrios (Aristotle University, Greece)
   ⢠Ligang He (University of Warwick, UK)
   ⢠Marco Aiello (University of Groningen, the Netherlands)
   ⢠Massimo Esposito (ICARCNR, Italy)
   ⢠Paolo Bellavista (University of Bologna, Italy)
   ⢠Qi Shi (Liverpool John Moores University, UK)
   ⢠Raymond Li (CISCO, USA)
   ⢠Rodrigo Fernandes de Mello (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
   ⢠Tetsu Iwata (Nagoya University, Japan)
   ⢠Tore Jonvik (Oslo Unversity College, Norway)
   ⢠TRAORE Jacques RD-MAPS-CAE (France Telecom R&D, France)
   ⢠Trevor Jim (AT&T Labs Research, USA)
   ⢠Xiaofeng Meng (Renmin University of China, China)
   ⢠Yufeng Wang (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommuni-cations,
   6. History of WPS
   The 1st International Workshop on Application and Security service in
   Web and Pervasive Environments (ASWAN-07, HuangShan, China, June, 2007)
   The 2nd International Workshop on Web and Pervasive Security (WPS-08,
   Hong Kong, March, 2008)
   The 3rd International Workshop on Web and Pervasive Security (WPS-09,
   Galveston, Texas, USA, March, 2009)
   For additional information, please send e-mail to
   Prof. Robert C. H. Hsu (chh at or
   Prof. Jong Hyuk Park (parkjonghyuk1 at

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