Connectivity to an IPv6-only site

joel jaeggli joelja at
Fri Apr 30 13:23:28 CDT 2010

On 4/26/2010 8:07 AM, Christopher Morrow wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 10:34 AM, Stephen Sprunk<stephen at>  wrote:
>> Don't forget the hotspot vendor that returns an address of for
>> every A query if you have previously done an AAAA query for the same
>> name (and timed out).  That's a fun one.
> so... aside from the every 3 months bitching on this list (and some on
> v6ops maybe) about these sorts of things, what's happening to
> tell/educate/warn/notice the hotspot-vendors that this sort of
> practice (along with 'everything is at!') is just a bad plan?
> How can users, even more advanced users, tell a hotspot vendor in a
> meaningful way that their 'solution' is broken?

Years ago I talked to a startup's funders about the fact that they had 
made a design decision to build hardcoded unassigned /8s into a captive 
portal and mobility gateway.

We didn't buy their product, they changed it, company folded.

The most  meaningful thing one can do is vote with your wallet.

> -chris

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