Edu versus Speakeasy Speedtest

Steve Bertrand steve at
Fri Apr 30 02:15:38 CDT 2010

On 2010.04.29 17:31, Robert Enger - NANOG wrote:

>  1) The capacity that a campus has into I2 or NLR is different than the
> BW the campus purchases from their commercial provider(s).

> 2) The commercial BW test sites are not optimized for speed.  They do
> not have unlimited capacity network connections.  And, they have not
> tuned their network stack for HS operation: notably, their OS will
> impose memory limits on the socket / transmit-buffer pool; so even if a
> receiver advertises a big window, frequently the transmitter (speed test
> server) will never queue enough data to fill the pipe

> 3) Peering capacity is not what it should be into the networks used by
> some of the BW test sites.

Your observation is disturbingly bleak... do you have a recommendation?

...perhaps a site with good bandwidth and a cluster of iperf(1) boxes
available? :)


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